lsoDent denture adhesive cream is a new product developed and manufactured by Finnish company lsoDent Oy that cares for your dentures. Its tested composition keeps your dentures in place all day long and encourages the health of oral mucous membranes. Effective agent arctic herbs. Suitable for daily use. Does not contain zinc or artificial preservatives.

Attaching your dentures:

  1. Cleand dry your dentures.
  2. Clean and rinse your mouth.
  3. Spread IsoDent adhesive cream on your dentures as shown in the picture.


Removing your dentures:

  1. Rinse your mouth.
  2. Carefully remove your dentures by moving them backwards and forwards.
  3. Remove adhesive residues on your dentures and in your mouth with war water and a soft brush.
  4. Finally clean your dentures carefully using IsoDent cleaner.

Important: Swallowing small amounts is not dangerous. Some people may, however, be hyper-sensitive to this preparation; if you notice an uncomfortable feeling, stop using the product immediately. More cream may be added during the day for extra reassurance. However, using too large amounts may reduce hold. Keep out the reach of children. Keep the tube upright with the lid tightly closed.