IsoDent Fluor+ nurturing mouthwash
New nurturing mouthwash protects effectively from caries, prevents demineralisation and enhances health of oral mucous membranes.
IsoDent denture cleaner
The condition of dentures that are worn every day has a major impact on the wellbeing of the wearer. This is why your dentures need to be cleaned every day, just like other personal hygiene. Liquid lsoDent denture cleaner is a new way of effectively cleaning your dentures, easily, cost-effectively and safely.
IsoDent denture adhesive powder
Knowing your dentures are securely in place makes you more confident. Your mouth feels healthy, fresh and pleasant.
IsoDent adhesive cream that cares for your dentures
Tested composition keeps your dentures in place all day long and encourages the health of oral mucous membranes.
IsoDent Niitty
Completely new well-being mouthwash
IsoDent Ortho
Cleaner for removable brases and mouth guards. Using a removable brace or a mouth guard changes the microenvironment of the oral cavity. A layer of bugs – different bacteria and fungal growth – starts to develop in the mouth, which can cause inflammation and make your brace more uncomfortable to wear.
IsoDent Paro
Revolutionary mouthwash against gingivitis
IsoDent denture brush
Firm grip thanks to comfortable non-slip handle. Dense bristles for efficient cleaning. Narrow brush tip to clean tricky areas. Strong, durable nylon brush won’t damage the delicate surface of dentures.
IsoDent Super Junior
Chewing gum-flavored mouthwash for the youngest in the family.
IsoDent suojaava suuvesi
Suojaava suuvesi pienentää pisaratartuntariskiä lähikontakteissa sekä valkaisee hampaita!
IsoDent cleaning and storage box for mouth guards and dentures
A handy and easy-to-use cleaning bath for removable mouth guards and dentures.
IsoDent reception mouthwash
This is a new mouthwash that substantially reduces the microbial content of saliva (including the amount of possible nCoV virus, that causes COVID-19 disease), thus effectively preventing the exposure of others to the virus through aerosols.