What makes IsoDent different from the denture cleaners already on the market?

IsoDent is Finnish. It was developed by the Finnish company lsoDent Oy. IsoDent is effective. Besides fighting bacteria, fungal growth and discolouration, it also dissolves tartar. lsoDent is a liquid concentrate. It is sold in a 250 ml bottle, which provides plenty of cleaning liquid to last one user 3 months when used daily.

lsoDent is specially developed for cleaning and disinfecting dentures. IsoDent does its job effectively, leaving behind a fresh minty taste. Note that IsoDent denture cleaner is intended for external use only. Follow the instructions carefully!

What makes IsoDent denture cleaner so effective?

IsoDent denture cleaner cleans all types of dentures, metal dentures and the soft base of dentures gently but effectively. Its effectiveness relies on a special mixture of glacial acetic acid and orthophosphoric acid.

Orthophosphoric acid removes stubborn tartar. Glacial acetic acid is an organic acid that removes discoloration and plaque. At the same time, the mixture destroys bacteria and fungal growth on your dentures without damaging them.