A well cared for brace makes it easier to smile while you are wearing it. IsoDent Ortho is an effective, easy to use cleaning liquid for removable braces and mouth guards, which leaves a fresh minty taste. Although IsoDent Ortho is merciless against residues, fungal growth and bacteria, it is gentle on your brace. This means it can be used every day.

Use IsoDent Ortho!

IsoDent Ortho has been specially developed for cleaning and disinfecting removable braces and mouth guards. It is more effective than the products normally recommended for handwashing braces and mouth guards and it also leaves you with a fresh minty taste.

IsoDent Ortho is gentle too. It doesn’t damage the weak joints and metal parts of the brace or wear down or scratch mouth guards.

Using lsoDent Ortho means you can clean your brace or mouth guard with one cleaner, which provides plenty of solution at a cost-effective price. lsoDent is a liquid concentrate. It is sold in a 250 ml bottle, which provides plenty of cleaning liquid to last one user 3 months when used daily. The low pH of the lsoDent Ortho solution when ready to use guarantees that the product is hygienic and once mixed the solution remains effective for several uses.

Why is IsoDent Ortho so effective?

IsoDent Ortho cleans removable braces and dental guards gently but effectively.

Its effectiveness relies on a special mixture of glacial acetic acid and orthophosphoric acid. This mixture removes residues, discolouration and plaque from your brace. At the same time it destroys bacteria and fungal growth without damaging the brace itself.